Become a craft beer aisle pro with the (free) Iron Line 4-part video course!

Learn from the pros!
By the end of this course you will...

  1. Have the words to describe (and choose) your favorite beers!
  2. Grasp the steps and nuances of beer tasting!
  3. Understand how the brewing process works!
  4. Impress others with your "Craftiness"!

Your Instructor:


Dream Facilitator,

Rivertown Brewery

Don't settle for beer-flavored-water.

Everyone deserves flavorful beer. 

Your Instructor:



Rivertown Brewery

IPAs are not bitter. They are full of flavor. 

Craft doesn't always mean hoppy beer. 

Don't be that guy/gal ever again!

The one who brings nasty beer to every party - instead, you can bring flavorful craft beer that everyone will enjoy.

What are you waiting for! Let's Get Crafty!

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